Use the Following 10 Tips in Your Marketing Plan

Use the Following 10 Tips in Your Marketing Plan

Use the Following 10 Tips in Your Marketing Plan


What you need to know is that using vinyl as the ideal material for your banners is not only the right choice to make but the best. Vinyl as a material is crafted to be strong and able to withstand weather elements. Furthermore, it is cheap to print on. To kick start your business, use the following 10 tips in your marketing plan.

1. Craft an attention grabbing banner
It is quite tempting to try and overload a banner with several images, special characters and text. This is a huge mistake and it may end up costing you a lot. What you ought to know is that people have few seconds to view the banner. To ensure that your message is digested at a glance, craft an attention grabbing banner. This means incorporating creative marketing messages, using unique images and colors.

2. Always display the key benefit
Customers are attracted by the key benefit displayed on the banner headline. What is your key benefit? It could be the best price on offer, the best service never experienced before or the best product. Always let your customers know the key benefit.

3. Add an offer
Customers are always in search of products and service offers that allow them to save. By adding product and service offers on your banner, your business will experience more customers and sales. A good example is Black Friday sales.

4. Incorporate a call to action
As the advertiser, it is important to provide a memorable call to action that gives the customer directions on what to do next. For example “Buy Now! Or Get it Today!” You may also incorporate a special URL in the banner or a phone number to allow customers to get in touch with you.

5. Include your business logo
Placing a banner at an intersection or in the shopping district without a logo makes it incomplete. As a result, customers may choose to ignore the banner and instead shop from your competitor. Add your business logo to the banner giving it brand recognition.

6. Place the banner close or along high traffic areas
Yes, when choosing the perfect location to place your banner, select an area close or along high traffic places. For example busy intersections, events and busy shopping districts. The reason for doing so is to increase exposure for the banner and your business.

7. Position banner close to your target customers
Who are your target customers? Where do they frequent? For example, if you are selling lady shoes, placing your banner in or out of a mall will attract your target customer unlike placing the banner in an empty field in the middle of nowhere.

8. Opt for competitive placement
To stay ahead of your competitors, you must incorporate creative and proven strategies. This means competitive placement which calls for placing the banner close or across the street from your business. Doing this will expose your competitor’s customers to your message.

9. Choose top quality printers
Printing is an important factor to consider when it comes to banner marketing especially those placed outdoors. To ensure the banner lasts for long, use 9 ounce vinyl mesh material. This allows wind to pass through and eliminates tearing of the banner. For indoor banners, choose a 13 ounce matte vinyl material. Not only is the material durable but it can be reused again and again. Select UV resistant inks or fade resistant inks to prevent UV rays from bleaching the banner.

10. Always shop for vinyl printing deals
You can save a lot if you just take the time to research for vinyl printing deals. For example, you may find a deal that allows you to save $200 thanks to a 20% percent off deal.

To effectively know if your banner marketing campaign has attained the goals and objectives you intended for it, set up a means of tracking the metrics. One of the best methods for doing so is adding a campaign specific URL. Data from traffic and conversion rates can help you know how many people responded and how many ended up purchasing a product or service from your business. It is wise to add a different URL for each banner allowing you to collect different data sets.


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