Top 25 Small Business Marketing Ideas from the Pros

Top 25 Small Business Marketing Ideas from the Pros

Top 25 Small Business Marketing Ideas from the Pros


Kristian stated that a business requires high capital to establish and stand the competition from other already established firms. Limited funds have made it impossible for small companies to develop and raise at a fast rate. But with the right and appropriate marketing techniques such businesses can be able to rise and be among the top businesses.

Top 25 small businesses marketing ideas from marketing gurus that will help you in making your business to grow.

1. Jessi-carr-headshot-square-Get involved in your local functions.

According to Jessica Carr who is the digital marketing specialist for Inseev Interactive, she stated that one way that small businesses or instead businesses owners who have limited budget can use to raise awareness about their existence is via participating in the local activities. You can volunteer in your community; take part in fundraising events and also hosting network events for other businesses within your community. Such actions bring about brand awareness, and you also get connected to potential investors who might like to work with you. Some brands may mention your business on their website which is a massive boost of your name in various search engines.
Get more information regarding how to upgrade your small business website via Google ranking.

2. Gina_Hutchings -Give away valuable freebies to your customers.

Gina emphasized on what you can offer to your customers without expecting any payment in return. Don’t rely too much on your customers buying from you, but instead give them something that is beneficial to them. It could be free advice, free referrals and also tutorial lessons on how to use your products. Remember the freebie should not necessarily have to be the product or the services that you offer. This gesture shows that you appreciate the support that your customers are giving to your site, and it provides an excellent public image of your business.

3. Derek Miller. A content marketing specialist at copy press-Redesign your content.

According to Eric, you can still use your old post to increase traffic to your website or market your product. Note that redesigning of the content requires you to use your most popular content that you feel had a high number of audiences. Some of the changes that you can make include formatting, or add more information about that particular product.

4. Hibu Logo. Ensure your website is up-to-date.

Online marketing is gradually evolving, and if you want to be among the top ranks, you have to upgrade and refresh your content continuously. Customers are always looking for new and informative information. Due to the high competition from other firms, make sure you occasionally update the content or the structure of your website. In such a case you can get help from a well-established web designer and developers since they know of the new technologies and what the customers need. Some of the parts that you need to refresh include the SEO, keywords and the general content on the website.

5.Mike McMinn CMO at MyHub intranet-Be strategic, realistic and consistency with your SEO.

According to Mike, blogging is one of the cheapest yet convenient methods of marketing one’s business. But a lot of business owners fail when it comes to the content. Remember the information that you write about your business is what the customer uses to gauge if the product is suitable for the customers or not. So make sure the content you write is closely related to your products and include all the benefits that the audiences can get for using your products or services. Also, compare your keywords with other competing business and hence develop your outstanding long tail keywords. You can use website tools such as Ahrefs to help you in preparing keywords for your business. With the right strategies and consistency, you can quickly take your business to another level even without having to spend a considerable capital.

6. Brian-Minkin-Kayleh-designs-Hospitality at your business premises.

Brian is the CEO at Kayla Designs whereby they specialize in selling jewels. One of the tricks that have enabled them to win customers over the past few years is their hospitality gestures. They always make sure that they offer coffee and chocolates to every customer who visits their stores. Although they offer the free drinks and snacks as a way of attracting customers, it also acts as a way of reciprocating the kindness of their customers taking their time to visit their shops. If you have a right image, rest assured customers would be plenty.

7. John Turner- Tell people you can’t help them.

Another area where a lot of business owners fail. Not all products or services that you have will work for everyone. There has to be faults or effects at some point, therefore learn to be open about the faults as you are with the benefits. For example, if you specialize in selling beauty products, know that all products do not work for every skin tone. Therefore, when marketing, include the kind of skins that cannot use the products. If the products or services have side effects don’t hesitate to tell your audience.

8. Christopher_Van_Buren-write a mini e-book.

Christopher is the president and founder of launchmoxie, Inc.
The internet has made it possible for business owners to write and publish their books online. Unlike before where you had to make hard copy books, the e-book is the new technique which involves writing a book and posting it online for people to read. It could be related to a problem found in your line of business and the right solutions for that problem, or it could be about the benefits of having that particular company. With high and informative content, this will work great for marketing your brand. You can also link the ebook to your site which is much better for your name. Note that you don’t necessarily have to write a whole book at once, divide the topics into small paged mini books but make sure the topic and the content are relevant.

9. Advertise anywhere including at the grocery stores.-Indoor media.

In the business world, you cannot be able to make it on your own hence the need to support one another. Therefore you can organize with other small businesses within your location such as grocery stores or supermarket to help you in marketing. Supply them with stickers about your business and have then put on the carts or have their receipts printed with your band at the back.

10. Brandon Seymour- Ask customers to review your business.

According to Brandon who is the founder of Seymour Consulting, he said that small businesses could use their customers to market their business online. A lot of researchers rely on customers review about their experience with that particular company before they can buy the products, Therefore make sure you have blank space where your customers can leave a comment about your products. Although the majority of customers focus on writing about the bad experiences they had with the product, there are other pocket-friendly and easier ways to get your customers to leave positive reviews. According to a study carried out regarding customers behavior after buying products online, the results showed that majority of customers are always willing to leave a comment if asked to do so. Hence this can significantly help you in promoting your brand.

11. Peter Schroeder 2- Leverage snapchat geo-filter and SKY_PE_inc.

Peter Schroeder is a guru and a manager in the various field related to marketing. These fields’ include the social media platforms, digital marketing and also business growth.
Well, according to Peter, Snapchat geo-filer is one way that can help small business to stand out in a given region. This is more effective mainly if you are targeting the young people. Almost everybody is on social media nowadays and getting people’s attention with your products or services via snap chat is quite easy. Note that snap chat geo-filter works correctly if you are focusing on given region. So your followers on snap chat they can quickly get a review of what you are selling. This method of marketing is quite cheap since all you need is an internet connection and it is useful as well especially if you keep on updating your followers with new products and services. With snap chat Geo-filter, you can use the local events to boost your visibility. But for it to succeed you will require creating an excellent geo-filter that is related to what you are selling.

12. Robert _Perry- Give free sample.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in creating a catalogue for people to read about your products, send samples for people to have a real feeling of your products. This is quite effective and beneficial to your business. If you give free examples of the actual products, customers tend to have an immediate knowledge of what you have unlike reading about your products. Plus you are not guaranteed that all customers will understand the distributed catalog. Give the samples in places where there are gatherings like events, meetings and also community activities. You can donate to various institutions as well. You never know if the people from the organization like your products they may start to buy in bulk from you.

13. Erin-Bhoorasing- Speak at the seminars.

Erin is the founder and a lead photographer at GrandLens Photography. Well, she has used the different seminars that she attended to create brand awareness about what she offers. By getting an opportunity to speak at the seminars that you visit, you get the opportunity of publicizing your brand. Also, seminars are more professional than other gatherings hence the people will take your products and services more professionally. Share as much as you can regarding your products and if possible distribute your catalog or a few samples.

14. Pat-ahem-junto-traffic-generation-services-use type form to convert visitors into leads.

Pat-Ahem who is the director of junto traffic generation stated that you could use type forms tool to get people flocking to your blog or even a website. Typeform works as a survey whereby the business owner gets to share his or her business information with the clients within a limited time. The review provides ample advice to the customers on how to use the products or services. Note that the advice is customized hence with a click of a button the customer can get the information.

15. Darren Green-Put your excess to good use.

Darren is the CEO of Roman Blind direct. According to his tip regarding marketing for small businesses, he emphasized on the need give out what you no longer need in your company to the less privileged. If the products you donate are useful rest assured you would end up getting plenty of links to other investors and potential customers. You can also recreate something else using the raw materials to create something that will earn you some money.

16. Christopher Savage-Connect with industrial influencers.

According to Christopher the CEO at savage global marketing, a business can only grow if you provide services and products that meet the consumers’ needs. Therefore whenever you create a website or a blog, make sure it entirely focuses on how the consumer is going to benefit from the products or services.

17. Sophie Knowles-Find your niche.

According to Sophie who is the co-founder and CEO of a PDF pro. She stated that all business owners should find their strongholds in the business and hence focus on that. Instead of dealing with so many products or services, find your customer base and come up with products and services that suit your targeted audience. This makes it easy to run a business and fulfill all the customers’ needs.

18. Bruce Allion-Make your mark on forums and blogs.

Search for forums and the blogs that talk about your business and leave a comment on these platforms. If your comments are educative more and more customers will be interested to know about you. Also, this opens doors for you since other businesses may invite you to leave comments on their blogs which in return creates more brand awareness.

19. Shel-Horowitz-Get a ringing endorsement.

Shel is known as the author of “Guerilla marketing to heal the world, ” and she is also the owner of going beyond
Well according to Shel you need other business gurus for you to succeed and become one of them. Find some people who are already well known in your field of business and partner with them. You can ask them to invest in your business or be part of what your business is all about. Not only do you get to learn more about business with such people but you also get an opportunity of getting great recognition in your line of business.

20.Raquel Almazan CMO Viwon- Do it differently.

Raquel advocates for flexibility and versatility in the marketing field. Be unique and come up with your information and convenient ways of marketing. For example, you can opt for video email marketing. A lot of customers tend to understand more when a product is marketed via videos since they can be able to have a clear view of how to use it and the steps to follow. Some of the tips to make your video advertising to be successful include;

• Ensure the video is short and informative.

• Include a call to action at the end of the video if you wish to drive more traffic to your site.

21. Aimy-NGO- Find cheap, skilled labor.

When it comes to the marketing budget, a lot of small businesses lack enough funds to finance their marketing channels. Well, you don’t have to drain your savings to get your businesses in the market since you can still use cheap and easy methods for marketing. For example, use a website developer to help you come up with a good website. As we all know a good number of customers usually come from the internet as long your site is well designed and has informative content. Partner with other companies since this help you get quick recognition and sometimes such marketing gurus may charge you cheaply.

22. Jessica-Moreno-Rethink mobile.

Almost everyone has a smartphone in the world plus of course, a high percentage are on social media. By ensuring that your website is accessible with a mobile phone will win you a great deal. So connect your website to other social media such that a customer can be able to view your products from your social media and if interested get a link to the site to make their purchases. This is quite conviniencing to the majority of customers.

23. Kayli Kunkel- become an industry authority 0n 5-7 content topics.

According to Kayli who is a digital marketing manager at Spark creation, one can grow their business now thanks to Google. There is a new trend to generate leads to your site unlike before where Google only focused on the keywords to get high ranking. So come up with a topic related to your products and write good content about those topics. Create a lead capture form to grow your customer base online.

24. Matt Roberge CEO, salt lake City Bookkeeping.

Matt emphasizes on creating a blog for your company. The trick to generating leads and customers for your website and business at large is by creating the content that is helpful to the customers. Just make sure that the content you write is more useful to the customers. In other words, focus on educating the customers rather than only selling your products.

25. Bill Sheikh- Utilize pay per click advertising method on Google.

Pay per click is the new marketing trend that has shown favorable results over the last one year. It is easy to manage your pay per click site although you can work with a designer to either help you in creating one for you to handle it or assist you in creating and managing the site.


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